Who Is Veronica Garland?

Veronica Garland has been described as “full-throated,” “a full figured Julianne Moore,” “frightening,” “loud,” and “frighteningly loud” by both her peers and the press. Most recently she made her debut at The Duplex alongside Zachary Altman under the musical direction of Brian Lowdermilk for an evening of belting, boozing and laughter! Videos of that event can be found here!

Ms. Garland had her first taste of the spotlight when she briefly understudied Patti LuPone in the Australian production of Evita. She went on for an ailing Ms. LuPone one night and so wowed those in attendance that La LuPone demanded she be immediately removed from the production. While still in the blush of youth, she also secretly understudied other great leading ladies of the stage, including Betty Buckley in the ill-fated Carrie, Judy Kuhn in the flop Broadway production of Chess, Angela Lansbury in the unfortunately short-lived revival of Mame, and both Alice Ripley and Emily Skinner in the cult musical, Side Show.There was never a show in which Ms. Garland did not add a full throated, belted interpolation.

Ms. Garland soon felt the glare of the spotlight was too much for her delicate complexion and all but retired from the musical stage. She has been residing in solitude in Los Angeles where her hobbies include painting her face, wishing her eye lashes were longer and YouTubing herself. A few years ago, she was tepidly approached by Zachary Altman to come out of retirement to do a concert version of Sweeney Todd. She reluctantly accepted and came to define the role of Mrs. Lovett. Never has a comeback been so intensely anticipated and never has an ovation been so richly deserved.

In 2010, Heyer- Anchel Productions mounted a production of Into The Woods specifically for her. Her interpretation of The Witch was acclaimed for its depth, pathos and interpolated belted “F.” Veronica continued to “wow” audiences in the Holiday Revue, The Private Life of Veronica Garland, which was an enormous success. She then scared everyone into hysterics making them think she was REALLY leaving the stage in As If We Never Said Goodbye: Veronica’s Farewell Tour of 2011. Following her farewell tour, La Garland starred in a staged concert performance of Carrie: The Musical as Margaret White, opposite Morgan Anderson as the title role. Veronica’s performance of “Eve Was Weak,” which has thousands of views, can be found here.

Christiana Little, a New York based singer, actress, songwriter and playwright, approached Veronica about starring in an original musical tailored to her special talents, and so this summer, Veronica will star in Bombshell Baby!

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